therapeutic skin treatments tx


Classic 60 min $55

Prepare skin to exfoliate, hydrate using steam, tone with a 20 minute massage using Young Living Essential Oils, extraction, polished with a humectant rich formulation peel.  


Oxygen 60 min $55


Fresh radiant skin prefers oxygen.  This technique uses applications of products in several steps leading to a gentle manual lymphatic drainage massage before the final step. Then, pure oxygen gas from tank to a hose, flows in through a nebulizer using bio2 Cosmeceuticals Amino-Plex Vital Nutrient Skin Therape Ampoules. Products are delivered onto the skin with cold oxygenation into each individual pore.


Oxy-Mist Nebulizer 10 min $22


Combined with any innovative skincare regimen for an even more effective enhanced results. Contains amino acids, trace minerals, electrolytes and micellized Vitamin E. Delivered into each individual pore with cold oxygen gas hosed into nebulizer sprayed onto the face and neck.


Microdermabrasion 60 min $60


The use of three (course, medium & fine) interchangeable natural diamond chip hand piece wands gently exfoliate and micro-brade dead skin cells, through controlled suction onto a visible pad.  Smoother, softer texture  is felt as dead skin congestion is removed promoting healthy skin care. 


DermaPen3 Microneedle 90 min $165 Add Chest $55


Vertical micro channeling glides over the face and neck creating millions of fine channels for trans-dermal delivery of topical formulations applied during treatment. Recommend 4-6 weeks apart as needed for renewed appearance. Continuous treatments restore acne scarring, collagen induction, skin rejuvenation, and overall tightness. Topical anesthetic cream is applied for 15 minutes before the procedure which is painless (some clients sleep). A sterile disposable cartridge and adjustable settings are used to tailor treatments for your specific needs. The treated skin response during repair is to tighten, as increased production of collagen is formed. You may experience a sunburn redness for 12 - 48 hours which can be covered with make-up. Clients especially are satisfied and see great results! 


Dermaplane 75 min $60


Exfoliating dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz)  using a specialized instrument designed to scrape, resulting in immediate smoothness to the face and neck without suction.  This procedure is slow and detailed to the face and neck. To  ensure thoroughness, I replace the blade & repeat this procedure with a second pass. Removes fine vellus hair that hold onto excreted oils, sweat and makeup providing instant smoothness for better make-up application and product absorption. Continued results improve the skins appearance.


Gentle Waves LED Photomodulation 5 min $22


Gentle Waves skin rejuvenation, the only device to utilize Photomodulation technology. It uses energy from LED sources specifically matched to the cellular processes that enhance skin rejuvenation. This patented technology is only available with the Gentle Waves device improving the skin without relying on high energy sources and heat damage. No side effects, downtime or pain. Remarkably safe and effective for all skin types. Non-invasive, non-ablative and non-thermal so there's no injury to the skin surface. Fast and convenient: Takes less than 5 minutes. Treats large areas such as the entire face or chest. No aftercare is needed. Compatible with other skin rejuvenation techniques or alone. Add onto any treatment!


MLD Manual Lymphatic Drainage 60 min $55


Certified and trained by Dr. Vodder this technique assists the movement of Lymphatic fluid with a very light massage calming touch to the neck and face on specific points.  Excellent for sinus conditions, inflammations, edema and post surgical face procedures.  Be prepared for a profound yet subtle effect on the body as it works with your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. MLD is calming and relaxing  with a sense of well being after the treatment.


Extraction 10-20 min $20

Upon request.